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11 07, 2017

Bent sheet metal enclosure

By | July 11th, 2017|Rose & Bopla|

Using the name “Interzoll Case”, Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH offers six different basic enclosure models, and the customer can adapt these models' 3D CAD data to suit his own requirements. These data can then be used as [...]

11 07, 2017


By | July 11th, 2017|BM Group|

BM Group presents the family of ACCESSORIES FOR PLASTIC PIPES SPIRAL AND SLEEVES. It is a full range, extremely powerful and competitive, formed by · quick connect couplings IP67 and IP40 ·-fasteners and clips to clamp · [...]

11 07, 2017

Mode Electronic Products

By | July 11th, 2017|Mode|

TCH works with Mode electronics to supply cost effective electronic components to our customers in North America. Fulfill your BOM at one shop! Mode electronics maintains an extensive inventory of catalog items at the highest quality and [...]

11 07, 2017

HellermanTyton Aerial Support Ties

By | July 11th, 2017|Hellermann Tyton|

HellermanTyton Aerial Support ties are most often used for utility, construction and energy cable routing applications. The new tie is made from one piece with the tie and spacer combined to decrease the time for installation and [...]

11 07, 2017

RAF Electronic Hardware

By | July 11th, 2017|RAF|

RAF Electronic Hardware: Standoffs, Spacers and Screws RAF offers the widest selection of SAE and metric dimensioned components available. With a modern U.S. manufacturing and plating facility, you can choose any style, size, material and finish [...]

11 07, 2017

Mersen Fuses

By | July 11th, 2017|mersen|

TCH works closely with Mersen to supply cost effective fuses to our customers in North America. Fulfill your BOM at one shop! Mersen provides solutions for electrical protection, current quality enhancement and for the safety of electrical [...]

11 07, 2017

Southco Captive Screws

By | July 11th, 2017|southco|

MA Series - PCB Terminal Blocks Southco 47 Class captive screws (and the corresponding color-coded "Prism" 4C Class captive screws), offer hundreds of permutations of installation and tool-actuation styles for mounting doors, panels, and other hardware [...]

11 07, 2017

MA Series – PCB

By | July 11th, 2017|Deca|

MA Series - PCB Terminal Blocks MA series terminal blocks have between 2 and 24 positions with a 3.50 mm, 5.00 mm, 7.50 mm or 10.00 mm pitch. Moreover, MA series Wire-protection clamps provide the highly [...]

11 07, 2017

Discrete Insulated Pins and Re…

By | July 11th, 2017|Mill-Max|

Discrete Insulated Pins and Receptacles Mill-Max is pleased to announce a new selection of insulated terminals. Six popular Mill-Max pins and receptacles have been fitted with cylindrical insulating sleeves for electrical isolation applications. The new offerings [...]

11 07, 2017

Dinkle 0225 series terminal block

By | July 11th, 2017|Dinkle|

Dinkle 0225 series terminal block is suitable for industrial automation applications  such as inverters, servers, controllers and drivers. 0225 series features 1.  Two rows for connecting conductors with a 1.5mm² diameter and 12mm height. 2.  Pitches [...]

11 07, 2017


By | July 11th, 2017|italtronic|

Italtronic MODULBOX One MODULBOX One is a DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure (modules from 1 up to 9) for electronic products. MODULBOX enclosures offer a wide range of matching options with personalized shapes and the ability to [...]

11 07, 2017

SMDflat Connector

By | July 11th, 2017|Adels|

SMDflat Connecting Links complete the Product Range As an alternative to the manual method of wiring this way allows to easily join a number of LED circuit boards by means of the SMDflat 345 KU connecting links [...]

11 07, 2017

Overmoulded Superseal…

By | July 11th, 2017|Conec|

Overmoulded Superseal Connector series CONEC has extended its range of valve connectors by a moulded variant of the Superseal connector series. The Superseal housings – with single wire seal and rubber boot – are originally used in the automotive [...]

11 07, 2017

M12x1 Connectors over-molded…

By | July 11th, 2017|Conec|

M12x1 Connectors over-molded with plastic coupling screw/nut The M12x1 product portfolio of over-molded connectors has been expanded by a new variant. In addition to the previously existing versions with screw elements made of zinc die cast and turned stainless [...]

11 07, 2017

Sensor Actor Line Y-Splitter

By | July 11th, 2017|Conec|

Sensor Actor Line Y-Splitter: Reduces your wiring cost The CONEC product portfolio of passive distribution components has been expanded to include some new variants. In addition to the previously existing versions of Duo-splitter, i.e. T-splitter, a new Y-splitter line [...]

11 07, 2017

The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics in Athletics

By | July 11th, 2017|Conta-Clip|

By Peter VowellThe athletic and workout sector provides its own set of unique challenges. While the “no pain, no gain” sentiment is still fairly prevalent in gym culture, it’s not something that should always be taken to heart. Proper weightlifting [...]

7 07, 2017

The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics in the Medical Sector

By | July 7th, 2017|boteco, ergonomics, medical equipment|

By Peter VowellErgonomics has also become a key concern in the medical sector. A John Hopkins study in 2016 rated medical errors as the number three cause of death throughout the United States. Some of these fatalities are unavoidable due [...]

5 07, 2017

The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics

By | July 5th, 2017|boteco, ergonomics, handgrip|

By Peter VowellErgonomics is a topic that is discussed far less than needed. It’s easy to pass off ergonomic design as a luxury, and one that the industrial workplace can’t afford. The term refers to far more than the overpriced [...]

29 06, 2017

UL approval circular connectors – CONEC

By | June 29th, 2017|circular connectors, Conec, connectors|

In the wake of globalization, quick and easy introduction of new products on the world market is becoming increasingly important. Product liability laws in the US are much more stringent than in Europe. If products are to be exported to [...]

23 06, 2017

ITALTRONIC: Guarantees Another 15 Years!

By | June 23rd, 2017|enclosure, italtronic, pcb mount|

STABILITY IS A VALUE.Italtronic guarantees for another 15 years the supply of all the components that are currently represented in Catalogue, thus achieving, for more dated codes, the 40-year life of the product.We usually prefer to keep products without eliminating [...]

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