The New Ratchet P-Clamp by HellermanTyton separates cable routing and cable fastening

Say goodbye to cable insulation damage caused by ill-fitting cable clamps. Say hello to the Ratchet P-Clamp.  - source: HellermannTyton -  The new Ratchet P-Clamp cable clamp separates cable routing and cable fastening In answer [...]

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Southco’s New Padlockable Wing Knob Cam Latch

New Padlockable Cam Latch Features Redesigned Wing Knob source: Southco - Rachel Pilgren-Kane Southco has redesigned the wing knob version of its successful E5 Cam Latch series with a stylish, streamlined design that promotes improved [...]

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Press Release: Conta-Clip Easy-mount cable entry with IP66 Ingress Protection

Figure: Easy to assemble and mount: Cable duct system KDSClick with IP66 ingress protectionPress Release:KDSClick from CONTA-CLIP:Easy-mount cable entry with IP66 ingress protectionHövelhof – The new IP66 cable entry system KDSClick from CONTA-CLIP allows for quickly [...]

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Southco releases New Mobile Electronic Access Bluetooth Controller

    Southco has recently expanded its line of Electronic Access Solutions with an access controller that allows Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be used as a key. Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Lock Controller provides [...]

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Mill-Max: Solder cup spring-loaded pins now have over 60% more stroke!

  Mill-Max is expanding the solder cup, spring loaded connector series with the introduction of new versions delivering over 60% more stroke than the existing series. The single row 824-22-0XX-00-005000 and double row 826-22-0XX-00-005000 provide a mid-stoke of .045” [...]

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The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics in the Industrial Sector

In an office, ergonomics often refers to the height of a computer monitor, or the way a keyboard is laid out and situated. These types of issues are easily adjustable and can be quickly resolved. [...]

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